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Project Management

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Situated in the prime location in Happy Valley, Ventria Residence is a medi-hotel/apartment community offering a total solution for the elderly - whether independent yet engaging living for the more active and mobile, assisted living requiring closer attention, or specialist nursing for memory care.

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Drawing upon advanced medical technologies, functional medicine, and the science of movement, Roseville Rehabilitation Centre offers bespoke transitional care programs to promote wellness and longevity. 

Supported by a team of professionally-trained experts, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to derive an evidence-based rehabilitation regimen to achieve exceptional recovery results. We specialize in Neurosurgical Rehabilitation, Orthopedic  Rehabilitation, and Pain Management. We are committed to providing compassionate care along your journey to recovery.

Our first centre is situated on Waterloo Road, Ho Man Tin and opened in March 2021.

Feasibility Study


Feasibility Studies on Assisted Living, Nursing Home or Memory Care in various locations

​Hong Kong

  • Clear Water Bay

  • Shun Ning Road

  • Gillies Avenue South

  • Tong Yan San Tsuen


  • ​Vantone Beijing 

  • Sanshui Guangdong

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