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Ms. Judy Li

Nurse Consultant

Ms. Judy Li possesses ample experience in developing and managing various senior services. Prior to joining Roseville, Ms. Li served as Director of Nethersole Elderly Service for 15 years, during which she had set up three elderly nursing homes, and conducted feasibility studies for various new initiatives.


The high service quality standard of Nethersole Nursing Home has earned accreditation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is used a practicing venue for the Bachelor of Nursing students, as well as practicum venue for student nurses of the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital and Union Hospital.


Ms. Li was an Operation Consultant of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong, during which she set up a new elderly home, and supervised daily operation of three homes. She also established a nursing home in Hong Kong for the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation (under the New World Development Company Limited) and a new nursing home in Jiangmen Xinhui, owned by the Vinda International Holding Company Limited.


Ms. Li is passionate about quality service and actively participated in professional bodies to promulgate service standards. She was a member of the working group to formulate “Quality Measures of Residential Care Home for the Elderly” and “Residential Aged Care Accreditation Scheme” for the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology.


Currently, Ms. Li is a Technical Expert of the Hong Kong Accreditation Service.


As a nurse educator, Ms. Li has a passion for professional development and education.  She was an Honorable Consultant of the Hong Kong Nurse Association for eleven years, served as Honorable Clinical Teacher of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and was a Lecturer for the Bachelor of Nursing students, as well as an Honorable Lecturer for the Diploma Programme in Advance Nursing Practice of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Ms. Li holds a Master’s Degree in Health Service Management, jointly organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of New South Wales Australia.

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